Sunday, September 18, 2011

Typhoon TAD Update

There's a typhoon out there just to the east of Okinawa right now that is just proving everything about Algores Anthropogenic Global Warming theory is for the birds. First of all, according to those fancy computer models, this thing was supposed to hit us three days ago. Well, all I can say is where the hell is it?
(Click on the image to enlarge! The solid blue line showes where it's been and the dotted white lines show where they think it will go, By the way, they've been adjusting this on the fly several times a day for the last several days)

Where it's at is spinning around out in the Pacific Ocean around two small islands called Kita and Minami Daito. Kind of an odd name when you consider it because in Japanese "Kita" is north and "Minami" is south. But the name really goes south from there as the "Dai" means large, which they aint and "To" means small island. A rough translation would come out the north and south big small islands.

That might be along the line of what the Vikings did when they came up with the names for Iceland and Greenland. Common sense would tell you the names of those two islands should be reversed. Not that Iceland is that green but it most certainly is a helluva lot greener than Greenland.

Based on the way it is staggering around out there in the deep blue, my theory is that this typhoon is obviously under the influence of something. It reminds me of my experiences from many moons ago when I was on active duty. Periodically we would go TAD which is short for Temporary Additional Duty. Most of the time this was to go someplace else away from our parent commands for additional training.

But, you all know what they say about what the mice do when the cat is away. Well the same damn thing happens when it is the mice who are away from the cat. Hence, we used to refer to going TAD, away from our parent command and the evil eyes of our "alleged" superiors as "Traveling Around Drunk!" I think that is exactly what this Typhoon is doing now and it also makes me wonder what those small islanders have been drinking as of late, must be some good shit and how can I get me some.

Now instead of hitting us three days ago, the latest forecasts, using those infamous computer models has this damn thing hitting us two days from now! I mean jeez, give us a freaking break will ya. If it ain't possible to accurately use your precious computer models to tell us what this thing is going to do 30 minutes from now, give up on telling us what it's going to do 3 days from now. Moreover, give up on telling us how much warmer the planet will be 100 years from now if we don't give up every damn convenience invented in the last hundred years yesterday!

Since this thing appears to be under the influence, I think the best thing they could do is send a police boat out there and arrest the damn thing before it really does hurt someone. for that matter, I think someone ought to go out and arrest Algore before he hurts himself!

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