Monday, March 26, 2012

Police officer “apprehends” a 1.5 meter long habu in Nago

At around 10:00pm on March 5, Kouki Tarama, a police officer of the Yagaji Police Substation in Nago caught a poisonous habu snake that was about 1.5 meters in length in the front yard of the police substation. Nago Police Station drew residents’ attention to the habu, saying that the snakes are active earlier than in a normal year.

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  1. So is Yagaji anywhere near your place? "Yagaji" is an interesting word. What does it mean?

  2. Yagaji is a small island on the northern edge of Nago City just to the east of Nakijin village on the Motobu peninsula. It used to be quite isolated, connected to the main island only by a single bridge and best known for the old leper colony that still sits on the far end of the island. But now, because of a couple of new bridges it is becoming a bit more traveled as it connects several popular tourist spots. I do not know what the word means, that would be determined by the Kanji used.


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