Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ToTo La Bebe Burger Totally Delicious!!! Restaurant review

Heading up north or out to Motobu for the weekend? Maybe your going up to see the aquarium at the expo park or perhaps even a side trip over to Nakijin Castle to stomp about the ruins. Well if you're up that way and want to know a really good place to eat that's clean, neat, reasonably priced and easy to find? ToTo la Bebe Burger in Motobu is the place for you!
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First thing you need to know is how to find the place. That's EZ! From Nago, follow coastal highway, route 449, around the southern edge of the peninsula out to Motobu. After you pass the stone quarry and the Lue on the beach restaurant and hotel, you know your getting close. Just around the bend you'll see a new rest stop on the left hand side of the highway and the old tombs on the right hand side and then you'll know that you're really getting close. As soon as you cross the small bridge at Sakimotobu, make a right. If you miss the turnoff, no worries. Turn right at the first stop light and follow that road till you see the building pictured above. The sign should be a dead giveaway. Parking is available right across the street.
The place isn't your typical hamburger dive. The facility is very clean and neat inside and out. It's laid out more like your typical Japanese Kissaten so instead of the quick get in, choke it down and run out fast food hurry and haste paradigm of hate and greed, you'll find this is more of a relaxing atmosphere where you can actually digest your food instead of fighting to keep it down afterward. You'll find your choice of several seating arrangements to choose from. This includes a traditional western style table and chairs to a cozy living room arrangement of comfy furniture set around a coffee style table or you can even sit at a traditional Japanese table on the floor. They'll have some nice relaxing music piped in from the stereo situated at the top of the stairwell. By the way, the stairwell going up is off limits.
Gaijins may have a bit of trouble as the menu is all in Japanese but, there are at least some artist renditions of the fare. If you love a good burger, it won't matter what you order and if you feel adventurous just point to something and say "onegaishimasu!" No worries as everything is delicious. Bonus if you can read katakana, then you'll have no problems navigating it at all. I highly recommended the ToTo La Special Burger set. That's the top center in the picture above with the two orange colored arrows pointing at it. If you want fries, be sure to ask for the set which is 150 Yen extra and if you want cheese, that will likewise be an extra 80 Yen. Not up for a belt buster burger, check out the next page for the BLT or bacon & egg sandwiches on the left hand side of the menu.
The drink menu is on the next page (right side). Again, you'll need to at least know some katakana to navigate it. Either that or be sure to take one of your local friends along, note to philanderers: (if you choose this option, it may be advisable to leave your wife and kids at home). However, if the family does come along, they do offer some interesting soft drinks made from local specialties such as shikwasa, acerola, melon or strawberry cream sodas. They can also make you a mean raspberry yogurt shake or a Mango mix smoothie among other things. Even if you aren't sure of what you want, they can make you the standard hot or iced coffee or jasmine tea and every meal comes with water so you won't die of thirst! Made the mistake of stopping at A&W in Nago on the way up? No harm, they also offer a coffee and cake set just so you can get that sugar fix.
The kitchen is a happening place with everything made fresh. It took me a half dozen shots just to get one where at least two of them were relatively still. But all of the other platitudes aside, if there's nothing else that can be said about this place, it's that there is no skimping on quality or quantity. Everything is made on the spot. You definitely will not have to worry about whether or not your hamburger patty was frozen and packed back in 1957 or if your french fries, called "potato fry" in Japan, were leftovers from one of Admiral Byrds arctic expeditions. The meat patties are made that day and the potato fries are fresh cut, nothing frozen!
One of the other really great things about this place is the quality of the ingredients. The Beef is advertized as Japanese Wagyu beef and based on the flavor and consistency I'm inclined to believe them. The buns are light and tasty, homemade style, my guess is they're made at one of the better local bakeries. Best of all is the bacon. This by itself is worth the price of admission. It's 100% homemade, thick sliced and smoked using cherry wood. Even better yet is that it is cooked through and through but, isn't burnt to a crisp like an offering made to some false deity. The special sauce is definitely not store bought crap and it's applied very generously. Try as I might, I cannot find one bad thing to say about the facility, the service or the food.
This is quite possibly the best bacon and the best burger on the island! Need evidence? Just look! If the place hadn't been packed with folks waiting to be seated, I might have taken the time to lick the plate! So if you're going to be up around the Motobu peninsula, I would highly recommend that you check this place out! They're open every Friday through Wednesday from 11 am - 6 pm, closed on Thursday's.

Without a doubt, ToTo la Bebe burger is totally delicious!


  1. Nice food photography. Head back on up there and see if they'll let you make a menu with your photos and another language. Dude, could be a free meal in it !

  2. Haf2do dat without the wife in tow. Otherwise I could be in violation of some ancient Okinawan law...


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