Tuesday, April 17, 2012

76-year-old Japanese Hermit Spends Over 2 Decades in the Nude

Surrounded by dangerous currents and without a drop of fresh water, even local fishermen rarely land on Sotobanari island in the remote west of Japan's Okinawa prefecture.

But all alone for two decades, 76-year-old Masafumi Nagasaki has made this desert island an unlikely retirement home -- with an unusual dress code.

Braving typhoons and biting insects, Nagasaki is a hermit in the buff."It must have been about the second year I came here, and there was this typhoon that smacked into the island head-on. For about a year there was no shade, I just scorched under the sun. It was at that point I thought this was going to be an impossible place to live," Nagasaki told Reuters in an encounter on Sotobanari island, which translated from the local dialect appropriately means "outer distant" island.

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