Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A North Korean nuclear test could be next : The Hankyoreh

Since North Korea failed in its attempt to launch a rocket on April 13, South Korea, the United States and Japan have been alert to the possibility that it may conduct a nuclear test. 

Kyodo News reported on Sunday that a cutting-edge WC135 reconnaissance aircraft had been deployed to Kadena Air Base on Okinawa. This plane is able to determine whether a nuclear test has taken place through the collection and analysis of radioactive material in the air. Kyodo reported, “This appears to be in order to prepare for a nuclear test by North Korea, which appears more likely following its missile launch failure.” The US military used the same aircraft from Kadena after North Korea‘s first nuclear test in October 2006. It detected radioactive substances over the East Sea and the US military shared the findings with Japan and South Korea.

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