Thursday, April 12, 2012

Map It! Okinawa: "Senaga Jima"

For a small island, there is actually a lot of little things you can do on Senaga Jima. This island is found off the coast of Tomigusuku City and just south of the Naha Airport. The picture you see above is one of many Utaki's or places of worship you will find around the island. For the most part, the island is largely uninhabited. There are no houses, just commercial lots and small amusement parks, and a soon-to-be resort facility on the western side. Driving distance around the island is roughly 1.5 km and the island is about 600m long at its widest section.

One of the highlights you will find on the island, is a Fertility Stone or monument, however, this is not the original stone. The original stone was a large coral rock a few meters high. On the original stone there were two holes on the rock – one at the top and one at the bottom. If you wanted a boy you threw a pebble through the top hole, and if you wanted a girl, you threw a pebble through the bottom hole. The stone was referred to as 'Ishi-iri'. Ishi meaning stone and 'iri' was a Hogan dialect meaning to 'to throw in'. The stone was also referred to as 'Kodakara-iwa' which loosely translated, means 'to be gifted with a child'. Still today people come to the current stone to pray for fertility. It is not certain what had happen to the original stone.

(Click on the post title above for more) But, I think that fertility stone thing is a fairy tale. For a very long time now, Senaga Jima has been THE PLACE for teenagers to watch submarine races!!!! Need I say more????

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