Thursday, August 2, 2012

Map It! Okinawa: "Tonuka of Jyana, Nakijin Village"

Okinawa is full of mysterious places to see, especially those places created by acts of nature. In a small 'corner', in a place called Jyana of Nakijin Village, lies an interesting little 'hole in the wall' referred to by the locals as 'Tonuka' (トヌカ). As you arrive, your initial impression might be that it is a cave. On the contrary, it is just a small tunnel naturally formed into the earth with stalactites forming above. Though it is simple in form, you'll be magnetized by its presence. It is well masked by the surrounding trees and vegetation and lies adjacent to a nearby farm. Farmers still come here to use the natural water that flows through it guided by a man-made channel.

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