Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mike's Ryukyu Gallery: Photo of the Week: Igei Beach Dragonboat Races

This photo (Linked in the post title above) is a scene from this morning's Dragonboat Races on Igei Beach. There was plenty of sunshine. I got out there early and was fried before 9AM. At 8:42 my cell phone went off.  I was hoping it was someone bringing me a drink.Turns out it was an email from my niece back in New York.

Here I was, dehydrating under the hot Okinawa sun with all my beer fumes coming out of me she says: "So, I'm sitting in a Japanese restaurant and drinking Asahi Beer.  It's not too bad !!!!" Now, I love my niece but, I wonder if she's a little bit crazy. You won't catch me drinking anything but Orion Beer !

Goya Republic Editor's note: "I'm confident that the makers of Orion Beer would approve of this message!"

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