Monday, August 13, 2012

Okinawa protesters score win over Pentagon | World War 4 Report

Following a wave of protests on Okinawa against the planned deployment of a fleet of MV-22 Osprey aircraft by the US Marine Corps at the island's Futenma Air Station, the US Defense Department and Japan's government announced Aug. 5 that they will delay the deployment pending further tests of the aircraft's safety.

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Editor's note: Some readers might notice the logo on the WW4 Website and recognize it to be extremely similar to the communist logos used by the labor movement during recent protests in the U.S., most notably the Wisconsin Governor's recall election from earlier this year. In addition to the suspect logo, I also note that the headline touts a victory that is nowhere to be found in the piece. That means this piece is nothing more than groundless propaganda. So, I don't doubt for a moment that this source is likely a communist propaganda rag. I just want my readers to see more than just one side to the argument and the parties who are making them. While the editorial staff at Goya Republic does not support the deployment of Osprey's in Okinawa, we are much more interested in seeing honest debate over baseless charges.

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