Monday, August 20, 2012

Rumbles in the jungle | The Japan Times Online

Japan's poorest prefecture is Okinawa — and on Okinawa the poorest region lies along the northeastern coast blanketed by the dense Yanbaru jungle. Here, the villages of Higashi and Kunigami were the last areas on the island to receive electricity and running water. Until 1978, they lacked even a paved road.

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Editor's Comment: This is a well written opinion piece that could have stood on its own merits without the extra embellishment (a fancy word for lies) that appear in ever greater abundance near the end of the piece. My Dear Mr. Mitchell, pray tell, what military observation towers have you ever seen in your life where you could recognize one punctuate the horizon? Similarly, where is this mysterious bridge where you can you look 20 meters down into the middle of a military training facility and see G.I.'s armed only with an eraser-less pencil and dental floss (cigarette lighters and knives are just soooo politically incorrect) struggle to get a "dinghy" across a stream. Tell us just how is it that you who have visited the area once or maybe even twice and can find these things that long time residents like myself cannot???I guess those mysterious troops must have used the pencil and the dental floss to make that dinghy. P.S. dinghy's typically work better at crossing a stream when you float them and it wouldn't have to be very big as there are no navigable streams in the area. Back to my first comment, there are plenty of high tension power lines through the area but military observation towers, that's another story altogether! I don't know but, I suspect that our author may have written significant portions of this piece during "Imagine" day!

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