Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ryukyu Shimpo – Air Force Osprey (Flying Death Trap) involved in 30 mishaps

According to documents released by the U.S. Air Force Safety Center on July 29, the Air Force CV-22 Osprey vertical take-off and landing transport aircraft was involved in at least 30 Class A to C category mishaps in the seven-year period from October 2005 to June 2012. The CV-22 is the almost same type of aircraft as the MV-22 Osprey that is scheduled to be deployed to U.S. Marine Corps Futenma Air Station. Since 2006, the MV-22 has been involved in at least 31 Class A to C category mishaps, which is again testimony to the fact that accidents involving the aircraft have been occurring relatively frequently.

Editor's note: Not mentioned in the piece but rather obvious to the naked eye is that if you take the mishaps of the CV-22 and add them to the mishaps of the MV-22 over the same period, that gives you a total of 61 dangerous "mishaps" in the last seven years. Baton down the hatches because it won't be pleasant when the first one happens here. Just pray it doesn't happen at an elementary school!

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