Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wide Open Market

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It had been more than a few months since we visited but it was a hot August day and it was threatening to rain so Ryukyu Mike and I took a trip down to Naha, Okinawa’s Capital City to take a look at the happenings along Heiwa Dori or Peace Street.
Peace Street or Heiwa Dori has been the main market for Naha for what may be eternity. It’s a seen its share of good times as well as bad and judging by the number of shuttered businesses, I’d reckon that this is one of the bad times right now. Even still, as some businesses struggle, some are thriving. One market that seems to still be thriving is the fish and meat market. This place has four main sections to it. Three of them are on the lower level.
On the lower level there is the meat market and when you talk about meat in Okinawa, you’re talking about pork. Yes, they sell beef and chicken but pork is king here! The other area is where they sell tsukemono. Those are all the locally preserved veggies that are used as toppings on things like rice or eaten as a side dish for the main meal. Lastly, there is the fish market. I always like coming here for photos because for the most part, the folks are quite friendly, as long as you don’t get in the way of them making a sale that is! But what I really like is all the colors.
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The last part/section of the market that makes this a must see place is o the second level. There they have a large food court with several great restaurants to choose from. In many cases, you can pick out your fish or meat downstairs and take it straight up to the kitchen where they will prepare it for you.
At least once during your stay in Okinawa, you’ll want to visit and feel the sights and sound of the marketplace.

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