Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BBC - Travel - Specials - Okinawa. Japan's Secret Paradise

Okinawans worship pork in all its forms. From sliced pig's ears in vinegar (mimiga) to boiled pig's trotters (tebichi), the entire pig is consumed, so don't be surprised if you see pig's faces for sale in Naha's Makishi Public market! You'll also find swine celebrated in rafute, pork ribs simmered in ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, and brown sugar, as well as in ikasumi-jiru, a tangy blend of pork and cuttlefish stewed in black squid ink.

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Comment: That pork "thingy" ought to keep the radical Islamists and orthodox Jews away. Now with the two biggest threats to world peace taken care of, if we can just convince the Chinese not to nuke us when they come to steal, and they will come to steal it eventually, all of the oil and natural gas that sits on the bottom of the ocean beneath the Senkaku isles, we'll be fine...

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