Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No release of evidence over China’s weapons radar lock: Japanese government - The Japan Daily Press

Official sources from the Japanese government revealed on Monday that the decision has been made not to disclose its evidence of China‘s usage of weapons targeting radar on military ships based. This is because Japan does not want to reveal its intelligence operations or any other security secrets.

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Comment: This is silly if you ask me. The information they're trying to protect was sold to the Chinese long ago in exchange for bundling a bunch of illegal campaign contributions during the Clinton administration. It was about the same time they made that deal with the North Koreans to stop their nuclear program in exchange for a couple hundred metric tons of rice. You know how that all turned out, the Norks got the rice and the nukes, the Chinese got the all those US military secrets and Bill got just enough money to shut Monica and all the other floozies up till after the election.

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