Monday, February 25, 2013

Nonsensical doomsday scenario for the West | The Japan Times

• There are 1 million U.S.-dollar millionaires in China. (“To get rich is glorious,” said former leader Deng Xiaoping.)

• Seventy percent of the homes in China are bought for cash.

• China’s total trade — the sum of imports and exports — is now bigger than that of the United States.

• “They’re going to eat our lunch,” whimper the fainthearted in the West.

It’s not just the Chinese who are coming. The Indians and the Brazilians are coming too, with economic growth rates far higher than in the old industrialized countries, but it doesn’t even stop there.

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Comment: What a crock of leftist clap-trap drivel! The author of this piece poo-pooh's the very real possibility of WWIII happening to bemoan the how the "brics" will have to deal with non-issues like Global Warming which of course the formerly rich western nations created. 

Maybe when the storm troopers brandishing their Kalashnikov rifles bust down her door in the middle of the night and load her on a train headed for a "re-education center" she'll wake the hell up and smell the Fascism! Actually, if you take a moment to really think (instead of emote) about it, that's a very commonsensical doomsday scenario!

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