Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo – Road accidents involving Yambaru kuina hit record high

On February 14, the Ministry of the Environment’s Naha Nature Conservation Office announced that in 2012 there were 49 road accidents involving the endangered Yambaru kuina or Okinawa Rail, the highest number since recording began in 1995. For the first time this year, on February 7, an accident involving a Yambaru kuina occurred on Prefectural Road 70 in Sosu in the Kunigami district, resulting in the death of the bird. The Office appeals to drivers to slow down for the sake of these birds.

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Comment: That headline says it all doesn't it! I always knew that folks up in Yanbaru were notorious for drinking and driving and what the heck is a Kuina doing behind the wheel of  a car anyway. Oh, maybe it was one of those drunk driving farmers or fishermen from up north who were driving and the Kuina was just riding shotgun for shits and giggles. Nah, couldn't be, most of them farmers and fishermen don't have a driver's license anyway. Was probably one of their wives driving home from the liquor shop to cook dinner. They probably needed to get some Awamori Sake cause they drank the half part of a typhoon bottle for lunch. Even if the Kuina's weren't behind the wheel or riding shotgun, they're kinda scatter-brained and they don't stand a chance once granny spots one and puts her foot in the carburetor!

Anyway, here's an oldie but goodie for you, "Why did the chicken cross the road, to show the Yonbaru Kuina that it could be done!" 

Note: if your going to be in Texas, just substitute Armadillo for Kuina and this joke works there too.

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