Friday, February 22, 2013

Senkaku clash could draw in U.S.: think tank | The Japan Times

The United States “could become directly involved in a military conflict” between Tokyo and Beijing over the Senkaku Islands, the Congressional Research Service said in a report.

Its report on Japan-U.S. relations said that “China has conducted increasingly aggressive operations by dispatching both military and maritime law enforcement ships and aircraft to the area” since Tokyo bought part of the islets from a private owner last September.

China’s locking of weapons-targeting radar on a destroyer near the islets was “considered a major escalation in the standoff,” the congressional think tank said.

The incident also “sparked questions about whether the Chinese operator was acting on orders from Beijing, military commanders, or his own discretion,” it said. China has denied the use of weapons-targeting radar.

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Comment: China's government, economy and military are all top down central command and control organizations. To "freelance" or act on your own discretion will get you a hole in the back of your head and a member of your immediate family will get billed by the government for the bullet. To say that a commander did this at his own discretion is only a way for the nimrods in Beijing to deflect responsibility. This is how China Beta-tests stuff. They stir the pot and if something goes awry, they can always blame it on some "nobody" down low in the food-chain who "allegedly" acted without authority. Mark my words, this guy was getting his orders direct from the Party Heads in Beijing.

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