Thursday, February 28, 2013

Two U.S. Navy sailors accused of Okinawa rape face 12-year sentences | The Japan Times

Prosecutors sought prison terms of up to 12 years Wednesday for two U.S. sailors charged with raping and injuring a woman in her 20s in Okinawa last October.

In the pair’s lay judge trial before the Naha District Court, prosecutors recommended a 12-year sentence for Seaman Christopher Browning, 24, and a 10-year sentence for Petty Officer 3rd Class Skyler Dozierwalker, 23.

Presiding Judge Hideyuki Suzuki is scheduled to rule Friday.

The defendants’ acts “ignored the human rights of the victim” and were “extremely vicious,” prosecutors said in a statement.

The two sailors pleaded guilty the previous day, but Browning denied having conspired with Dozierwalker in advance.

When the presiding judge asked if the two had anything to say before the session closed, they apologized to the victim, expressing words of remorse.

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Comment: I agree that these two nimrods shouldn't get punished any more harshly than your typical Japanese would be punished for the same crime. If the Japanese want to convince the U.S. to revamp the SOFA agreements to give them custody of US personnel suspected of crimes, then the American's should and would be justified in demanding there be some consistency in how the "Rule of Law" is applied to non-Japanese persons and US citizens in particular while they are in Japan. If only we could do the same in the US for bankers and politicians who are robbing the nation blind but, that's another matter altogether. Anyway, getting back to the subject, I also would agree that Japanese perps get off far to easy too!

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