Thursday, February 28, 2013

US 'pivot to Asia': Is John Kerry retooling it?

When John Kerry spoke at his confirmation hearing to become secretary of State, Asia experts took notice when he seemed to back away from a key aspect of President Obama's vaunted "pivot" to Asia. 
"I'm not convinced that increased military ramp-up [in the Asia-Pacific] is critical yet," Mr. Kerry said at the January hearing. "That's something I'd want to look at very carefully."

The "rebalancing" of America's focus and resources — away from the Middle East and toward a rising Asia — was considered part of the legacy of Kerry's predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton. China had been put on notice that the United States was reasserting itself as an Asia-Pacific power. But was Kerry suggesting, as some surmised, that the US would now focus more on engagement with a rising China? 

Was he signaling that the "pivot to Asia" is no longer a guiding priority?

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Comment: What he was signaling is "there's no one at the wheel!" Secretaries of State don't freelance or make policy changes on their own accord. They're just supposed to carry water for the president and take the blame when the SHTF. When it comes to Obama's pivot to Asia, John Kerry is supposed to be the pivot man in this circle jerk.

This is proof positive that Obama is not the great leader that Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews say he is. He's nothing more than a sock puppet for his masters at Goldman Sachs and the military industrial complex! Wake up Japan, you're about to get royally screwed by the Obama-Nation of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the profit! Yeah, I know, I spelled it that way on purpose...

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