Sunday, March 31, 2013

AP News: Analysis: NKorea threat may be more bark than bite

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - Across North Korea, soldiers are gearing up for battle and shrouding their jeeps and vans with camouflage netting. Newly painted signboards and posters call for "death to the U.S. imperialists" and urge the people to fight with "arms, not words."

But even as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is issuing midnight battle cries to his generals to ready their rockets, he and his million-man army know full well that a successful missile strike on U.S. targets would be suicide for the outnumbered, out-powered North Korean regime.

Despite the hastening drumbeat of warfare - seemingly bringing the region to the very brink of conflict with threats and provocations - Pyongyang aims to force Washington to the negotiating table, pressure the new president in Seoul to change policy on North Korea, and build unity inside the country without triggering a full-blown war.

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Comment: But, then again, this little Kim Jock-"Itch"-Ung or Kim-Dong-Ugh punk or whatever the hell his name is, is still wet behind the ears and probably still wets is bed. Don't even think about common sense in this situation. At his age, anything can happen when the whore-moans get in the whey!

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