Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dead whale washes ashore at Army recreational area on Okinawa - News - Stripes

TORII STATION, Okinawa — A dead humpback whale that washed ashore at Torii Station on Okinawa was dissected on the beach Friday by a team of Japanese researchers.

The 33-foot-long female was already dead when it was first spotted at sea Wednesday. By the next day, it had beached along an Army recreational area used for swimming and barbecuing.

The dead whale caused the Army to close the beach for the day while it was being removed.

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Comment: One of the things I love about Japan is how polite everyone is! It would appear from this story that the whales in Japan are just as polite as the Japanese people. You want evidence, first of all, you never see them schooling around the PX or Base Commissary around pay day looking for bargains on over-sized clothes or discounts on doughnuts. In particular as it pertains to this case, at least it had the decency to die before the beach and BBQ season really got started.

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