Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kijimuna Festa 2013

The first Kijimuna Festa took place in 1994, organized jointly by several towns in the middle part of Okinawa Island. After the first edition, small scale festivals were organized in the same towns. In 2005, Kijimuna Festa made a fresh start with its venue focused just in Okinawa City. It was the 60th anniversary since the Battle of Okinawa (the WWII). Since then, Kijimuna Festa has taken place every
summer, and Kijimuna Festa 2013 is the 9th edition.

Kijimuna Festa has developed as the seasonal event in Okinawa City. In 2012, the number of participants grew to 39,765, and it is now the biggest theater festival for children and young people in Asia.

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