Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mike's Ryukyu Gallery: Monday Drive with the Professor and the Gals I Met

There's No Such Thing as Blue Monday on Okinawa

The day started with some research on another island just a short drive away. Getting ready for some serious cultural photography takes a bit of advanced planning. It's best to meet the locals, learn some history and become familiar with the lay of the land. Being the not-so-studious-person that I am, I like to have a little fun, too. Doc, the professor, probably wishes he left me behind, sometimes.

That's because I say stuff like, "Wait.  I have to see if I can borrow a girl to pose with me here." See.  I got him to pull the trigger for this shot. This is serious business.  I wish I would have smiled.  But it hurt squeezing my face in that board.

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