Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mike's Ryukyu Gallery: Ten Photos From an Incredible Day in Iris Fields

After listening to all the weather gurus predict a lousy day, I came up with a plan. Take the wife to the iris fields. For the past five years I've been shooting photos of the flowers and she's never been along. She loves the photos she sees as I develop them and always says, "I want to go with you."
Flower photography is work, for me. She thinks I'm having fun when I go up there. So, I figured, alright. We're probably going to get rained-on so, It will be a quick trip. It was a little bit cloudy and hazy when we first arrived in Kijoka. A lot more flowers were blooming than what we saw yesterday. That surprised me. Busloads of tourists hadn't started crowding the fields, yet. Just a few die-hard photographers were in the fields taking photos.

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