Saturday, March 23, 2013

Never Doubt Obaasan! | OkiNinjaKitty

I live in Oyama, one of the very congested parts of Ginowan which is sandwiched between the coast of the East China Sea and MCAS Futenma. At one point it used to be a large area full of fields (some of which are still in use today even though the city has grown up around them) but now this is no longer the case. Fortunately there are still a great deal of people who work in their small yards making the best of every available inch to grow fruits, veggies and flowers as I am sure their families did before them (although on a much smaller scale.)

At least four of these backyard gardens are immediately next to my house all being tended by older women (obaasan). Day in and day out they are out there working in their gardens waving to me and yelling out an occasional “konnichia” up at me while I am out on my deck. Like clock work they are out there tending, weeding and sometimes just watching their gardens grow.

(Click on the post title to see what a real OkiNinjaKitty looks like in an Obaasan byoshi)

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