Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Okinawa’s Rainy Season: April Showers Bring May. . . . Goya! | OkiNinjaKitty

I don’t know about you but I hate being wet and soggy. More than that I hate showing up to work after 30 minutes of getting ready to find myself looking like I put my clothes on before I stepped into the shower. Then man oh man there is nothing like stepping into an ankle deep puddle on your way into the first stop on your list of places to go for the day.  Sound like rainy season is a nuisance? Well yes it can be. (More about how you can fight back later.) 

One of the other reasons that rainy season can be tough for some, especially those new to the island, is because this is the season when the humidity starts setting in. You’ve probably heard that Okinawa is hot during the summer months which is fair enough to say but it’s the humidity which is the real killer. As the rainy season presses on and the temperatures start to change the humidity starts to increase. This usually means that you start to feel sticky and grimy. This can add to the all around nasty of rainy season.

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Comment: Hey Ninja Girl. Thanks for the update! It definitely has the makings for an interesting year this year, that's for sure! I hate to put a grunge on your cool but, in addition to the month long rainy season and the summer which can sometimes last for remaining eleven months of the year, lets not forget about typhoon season which starts somewhere around the end of April and potentially lasts till the beginning of May the following decade or something like that. 

Last year, in addition to the usual 20-30 typhoons that either near miss or direct hit us, we had those three massive storms that were perfectly spaced hitting us every other weekend and ruined three out of five consecutive weekends. Just take a drive up the west coast and you can still see all the dead trees and vegetation on the hillsides. Word to the wise, no throwing your cigarette butts out the window. Were it not for the little bit of rain we've had lately, half the island would be like a tinderbox. Once the rainy season really does get started in May and things really get wet, it could be Kitty bar the door as mudslides threaten homes, wash out roads and bridges and cut the island in two. 

This year I hope we sort of catch a little breather. Lets have just enough rain to keep the reservoirs filled and prevent the BBQ season from becoming an island wide "Smokey the Bear" type event but, not so much that earthslides cut off the expressway, highway 58 and 329 all at the same time. That would effectively cut off all the north south transportation on the island completely...

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