Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Private sector urged to do more to help rebuild Japan-China relations - The Japan Times

The private sector has a key role in the efforts to rebuild mutual trust between Japan and China as political disputes begin to affect economic relations, experts from the two countries said at a recent symposium in Tokyo.

The diplomatic standoff over the Senkaku Islands last year triggered massive anti-Japanese demonstrations in Chinese cities. And while bilateral ties have repeatedly been strained over political issues for many years, last year saw visible losses in economic relations — although it was also partly due to the slowing growth of the Chinese economy.

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Comment: This is rich! First of all, This isn't just a Japanese vs. Chinese "thingy." governments around the globe have been telling us that the private sector is the cause of all our problems and to fix it, we need to give government more power and of course more of our hard earned money. Now some of us have awakened and we see that the government, the supposed cure to all our problems, is actually the one that is making everything worse.

Politicians around the globe are busy as little bees messing everything up so they can act like heroes and swoop in to save us all from ourselves. At the same time, they're the ones getting rich as oil sheiks and living high on the hog off the government tit. I just read a story how Joe Biden spent a million bucks for a couple of one nighters at ritzy hotels in Paris and London. How many hookers does one self -absorbed @$$hole need? 

So what is the latest cure, to have the private sector, under the direction of the government of course step in to help to fix the problem. Hey you jackasses, here's an idea for you, how about stop trying to fix $#!+ that aint broke with the money you stole and leave us regular folks be for a little while. My bet is we'll be able to figure it out for ourselves and we won't need to have you steal from us and our neighbors to pay for it. Of course that's what they fear most! You see when we all realize how we don't need them, they'll be out of a job. If you ask me, that would be a really-really good thing!

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