Friday, March 22, 2013

Team finds rare earths in Pacific - The Japan Times

A Japanese research team said Thursday a deep-sea survey near a remote Japanese island in the Pacific confirmed a rich deposit of rare-earth minerals in mud taken from the seabed.

The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and the University of Tokyo analyzed mud samples taken in January from seven locations on the ocean floor as deep as 5,800 meters and found rare-earth minerals concentrations far higher than those contained in soil in China, they said.

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Comment: In a related story, seconds later, China laid claim to Minamitorishima island saying that because they had used them for navigational aids during their diplomatic missions to the Aztec, Maya and Inca empires, some 600 or so years ago, the simple fact that they saw them first naturally made that island and the rest of the Japanese held islands in the chain Chinese territory. Subsequently, they gave the Japanese 24 hours to vacate their property or face eviction procedures commonly known throughout diplomatic channels as WWIII...

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