Friday, April 19, 2013

Seamen’s Club creates community event focusing on Ishigaki Beef | Japan Update

Ishigaki Beef is Japan’s finest, coming from the Yaeyama Islands in the southern part of the prefecture, and the Seamen’s Club Naha is hosting a three-day Ishigaki Beef Festival to provide more exposure for the special beef.

Friday, Saturday  and Sunday the Seamen’s Club doors are open to the entire community.  “It’s an Okinawan ~ American Friendship Event,” says the Seamen’s Center senior director, Walt Christiansen.  “Ishigaki beef is hard to come by here, and we’ve teamed with Kinjo Cattle Ranch in Ishigaki to introduce it to the entire Okinawa community.”

The three-day Ishigaki Beef Festival at Seamen’s Club in Naha focuses on the famed island beef that is offered for ¥500 a plate straight from the barbeque grill.

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