Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why I think airline fees are good - Wanderplex

Do you remember the good old days of flying when all you did was make one payment for your ticket and that was it? No fees for meals, no charges for checking a bag, no surcharge for seats with extra legroom, and no paying for headphones so you could watch the in-flight movie. Those were the days.

Now it feels like airlines are squeezing us for every last dollar. It’s a pain I’d mostly learned to accept, that is, until the other day when I was booking a flight and was forced to not only pay if I wanted to check a bag, but also to carry one on. In other words, unless I was willing to travel completely bag-less (I’m a minimalist but come on, everyone has their limits) I was obliged to cough up the cash.

At first, I was livid. I mean, how much are we as passengers expected to put up with? But then I got to thinking… and I wondered if there was a different way to look at things. Like, maybe airline fees aren’t all bad? And maybe there are even benefits to airline fees?

Is that laughter I hear? Okay, well hear me out. Here’s why I think airline fees are good:

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