Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 Kume Island Festival Day 1

IMG_7180_1-2Every year, Kume Island hosts a two-day festival in August, usually right before the Okinawan obon holidays.  This year, the festival took place on August 18th and 19th.  While many of the events, booths, and entertainments were similar to last year, this year marked the return of the giant tug-o-war.  For a bit of the history, skip down to the More on Kume Festival section.

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Comment: The total population of the whole island is less than 43 people. OK, I'm being facetious, its a little more than that, maybe 57 or so. I hope they had some friends come over to help set that rope up as well as pull on the darn thing!!!


  1. It's not quite THAT small.. Having lived on an island of 550 people, it's definitely bigger. From a rough estimation from the photos, at least 1,500 people participated in the tug-o-war with at least 3-4 thousand total spectators if not far far more. Thanks for linking!

  2. It's actually much bigger than 1500, more like just a tad under 10,000. Just being silly, thanks for stopping by and commenting....


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