Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Japan Photo per Day - Japanese traditional architecture, Irimoya-zukuri

Shobi-kan, Higashi Shin'en (East Garden), Heian Shrine, Kyoto
One of the most striking architectural features of the traditional Japanese buildings is the roof and among the various types, one that stands-out is Irimoya-zukuri, the Japanese version of what is called a “hip-and-gable” roof.

Irimoya-zukuri is a combination between the hipped and the gable roofs, combining the advantages of both types. The hipped roof gives stability to the building and it is often used in places with strong winds, while the gable roof is recommended in areas with heavy snow.

And as you can see from this photo taken inside the Heian-jingu in Kyoto, Irimoya-zukuri also ads to the building’s aesthetic appeal…

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