Friday, August 16, 2013

August 2 was Day of Habu | Japan Update

August 2 was the day dedicated to Okinawa’s infamous habu snake. That is because number eight (August) reads hachi (ha) and two can be read hu (bu) in Japanese, so thus “ha-bu.”

To mark the day, Okinawa World theme park in Nanjo held a memorial service for the venomous snakes at its Habu Museum on Aug. 2. Okinawa World features a permanent habu exhibition in the museum, and produces 6,000 bottles of their famous habu sake every year. The park has held the habu memorial ceremony to express its appreciation to the venomous viper every year since 2006.

Masahide Nakachi, the director of Okinawa World, says “We look forward to taking care of Okinawa’s habus in the future, too”.

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Comment: Oliver Stoned, that soon to be "late" Academy Award winning movie director, just called the guy a snake so I figured this picture was appropriate! Guess now I'll have to go sign up for sensitivity training like that rodeo clown in Misery!

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