Sunday, August 18, 2013

China submits claim on East China Sea shelf to U.N.

China has submitted a claim to a U.N. commission stating that its naturally extended continental shelf stretches to the Okinawa Trough in the East China Sea, state media reported Saturday, a move that could rekindle territorial spats with South Korea and Japan.

South Korea, China and Japan have separately claimed the Okinawa Trough, with part of Seoul's recent claim overlapping with China's. Seoul and Beijing, however, share a largely similar stance on defining the limits while being in discord with Japan, according to Seoul officials.

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Comment: It doesn't matter that China has gone to the UN on the matter. I don't see how this will end peacefully anymore than the two state solution has worked for the Israeli's and the Arabs who suddenly became Palestinians when they found out it meant there was an open season and a bounty on killing the Jews. The U.N. is a joke...

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