Friday, August 16, 2013

Expert: Chemicals found on Okinawa likely not Agent Orange - Pacific - Stripes

Chemical barrels recently unearthed on former U.S. military land on Okinawa most likely contained military maintenance shop and hospital waste, not Agent Orange as many feared, according to an American expert on the herbicide.

About two dozen rusted Dow Chemical Company barrels found under a soccer field in Okinawa City appear to be part of a former landfill used by Kadena Air Base for solvents as well as burnt plastic and other waste, according to Alvin Young, a retired Air Force colonel and Department of Defense consultant who has studied tactical herbicides for 30 years.

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Comment: Obviously what they contained will make a difference in this story but, lets not forget the fact that they were filled with waste and buried there to hide something is also a story in itself! Oh yeah, and lets not forget the part about how the government lied about the whole thing too!

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