Saturday, August 10, 2013

Global Primacy Denied? Why American Primacy Is Not Assured | The Diplomat

Writing over at International Security, Fletcher School professor Dan Drezner wades into the debate over U.S. military primacy. Though not billed as such, this appears to be the latest round in the running death match between proponents of offshore balancing and defenders of American supremacy. Well, insofar as international-relations scholars have death matches. Picture Greek and German philosophers milling around harmlessly on the soccer field in Monty Python's Flying Circus rather than Kal-El and General Zod pummeling each other in Man of Steel and you've got it.

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Comment: What does this have to do with Okinawa or Japan, not much if anything. I suppose one could say this is related to the Obama-Nation of Desolation Administration's announced Pacific Pivot strategy if anything. In reality, I just wanted to share this classic video clip with everyone, enjoy!

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