Friday, August 30, 2013

Government must take over Fukushima nuclear cleanup | The Japan Times

Recent weeks have seen increasingly concerned calls, from within and without Japan, for the Japanese government to take a direct role in managing the multifaceted crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant. The most recent opinion poll shows 91 percent of the Japanese public wants the government to intervene.

The Economist calls Fukushima a “nightmare,” and the editors of Bloomberg deem it “ground zero” for the Abe government. Tepco’s handling of the stricken plant continues to be a litany of negligence and error, raising grave doubts over whether the company is up to the incredibly difficult and important task of decommissioning the plant. While it may be politically inconvenient for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to accept, it is time to intervene and take over the plant before it is too late.

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Comment: Again, another failure of the the Lame-Stream Media to report the real story. The dirty little secret is, the Japanese government has been involved from the start! 

It was Prime Minister Naoto Kan who told the people at TEPCO that he was in charge and to just throw some sea water on it and STFU. That action is one of the things that contributed to the seriousness of melt down in the first place. That's why the residents of Fukushima named him as the plaintiff in a recent law suit. Luckily, it would appear that suing the government doesn't help the government's cause so it's not ever expected that this case will ever see a courtroom let alone the light of day. Similarly, it was the government that insisted on storing all those plutonium rods inside the plant facilities. That way if Tokyo ever decided to drop the current anti-nuke "weapons" policy, they could start processing it all for bombs right away! Of course having a disaster of this sort happen kind of ruins that whole "better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" argument...

Question, if the Lame-Stream Media had reported the truth of the matter to you this way, do you think so many people would be asking for the government to take over this clean up??

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