Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Japan asks US to stop flying helicopters after Okinawa crash | Fox News

Japan asked the U.S. military not to fly its Japan-based HH-60 helicopters until it determines why one crashed at a U.S. base on the southern island of Okinawa, as the U.S. Air Force said Tuesday that it stopped searching for a missing crew member after finding remains.

Three of the helicopter's four crew members ejected from the aircraft and were in stable condition, the U.S. Air Force said in a statement. It said the human remains found near the crash site were not yet identified. Japan's defense minister had said Monday that information then available indicated all had survived.

Japan formally complained to the U.S. over the crash, which occurred at a time of intense local opposition to the U.S. Marine Corps' additional deployment of 12 MV-22 Osprey transport aircraft on Okinawa, where anti-U.S. military sentiment is a longstanding issue.

Dozens of opponents of the U.S. presence gathered Tuesday outside the Futenma base on Okinawa, chanting and raising fists and banners protesting the crash and demanding an end to the Osprey deployments.

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Comment: Human remains found at the crash site! If that doesn't make it official, nothing does, So sad. As for identifying them, here's a hint for our clueless government bureaucrats a.k.a. our glorious leaders, eliminate the names of the three survivors from your list till you have the one name and unless someone did a clever bait ans switch before they took off from the base, chances are better than good that the name that remains will be that if the deceased.

Note to our Okinawan friends. Even though we agree that it's long past time the American's picked up their toys and went home, now would not be a good time to stand near the base gates with fists raised. Note to the uber-lefties who are mixed in amongst the protesters and have been waiting with baited breath for the opportunity to goad the masses into turmoil, stop it! This sort of classless nonsense doesn't help your cause...

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