Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Japan’s sushi now served using cutting edge technology - The Japan Daily Press

In Japan, sushi is as much a part of traditional life as it is traditional food. Chefs and sushi masters are required to hone their skills over a long period of time before they can serve sushi in their own shops, but the shops are not anymore just about the chef these days – it’s also about cutting edge sushi-serving technology. Japan is now home to thousands of “kaiten” (revolving) sushi restaurants who serve the traditional raw fish over rice balls that travel on highly accurate conveyor belts, bringing the correct sushi to the one who ordered it via touchscreen panels in no time at all.

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Comment: Fancy-Schmancy! Sorry but if you love sushi and you're living on a fixed income, and a cheap bastard to boot, it all comes down to two things, decent quality and a low price.

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