Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Map shows shells fired in Pacific - The Japan News

NAHA—Hoping to assist with the disposal of unexploded ammunition from World War II, a nonprofit organization based in Naha has created a database showing the locations of all navy shells fired into Okinawa Prefecture by U.S. forces during the Pacific War.

The prototype database created by Okinawa Higashi Asia Kenkyu Center (Okinawa East Asia research center) combines maps of the present-day prefecture with bar graphs indicating where the shells fell. The center collects and examines documents in the United States related to the Battle of Okinawa.

In terms of weight, more than half of the shells and other wartime ammunition have not been disposed of, although 68 years have passed since the end of the war.

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Comment: These guys got to work on your headline writing here. Were these the shells fired into the pacific ocean? Then they're probably gone forever so why do you need a database to find them? If these were the shells fired from U.S. Navy vessels at Okinawa, (that haven't been found and pose a safety hazard, which is what this story is really about) you wouldn't know that from this headline! How about something along the lines of "Map shows shells fired at Okinawa from Pacific" or something to that effect? Granted, that's not much of a eye catcher but, at least you get the drift of the story from the get-go! Must be an "Engrish" as a second language thingy. Either that or budget cuts and writers getting paid by the word could be the culprit... 

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