Thursday, August 8, 2013

Okinawa dump site may be proof of Agent Orange: experts | The Japan Times

The recent discovery of 22 barrels buried on former U.S. military land in the city of Okinawa could be posing the same level of risks to local residents as dioxin hot spots in Vietnam where the American military stored toxic defoliants during the 1960s and 1970s, according to two leading Agent Orange specialists.

Richard Clapp, professor emeritus at Boston University School of Public Health, and Wayne Dwernychuk, the scientist previously in charge of identifying defoliant contamination in Southeast Asia, recently cited the risks to Okinawa residents and urged the immediate cleanup of the land to limit the threat to human health.

Dwernychuk also ventured that the discovery of the barrels may disprove the Pentagon’s repeated denials that military defoliants were ever present on Okinawa Island.

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Comment: News like this really makes you want to trust your government doesn't it? Don't worry about those stop and frisk check points along the interstate, those predator drones flying over head or those allegations of warrant-less spying on the American public. After all, as long as your not doing anything illegal, you've got nothing to worry about right? Just ask the folks in Okinawa who were told the same thing!

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