Friday, August 16, 2013

Oliver Stone believes US military bases in Okinawa are ‘no longer necessary’ - The Japan Daily Press

Besides visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, both known for being hit by atomic bombs during WWII, award-winning director Oliver Stone visited Okinawa to know more about the military base issues in the island. Stone’s trip to the southern island took place the day before the 68th anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the Allied Forces, thus ending the Second World War in the Pacific region. During his stay, the American director concluded that U.S. military bases in Okinawa are “no longer necessary.”

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Comment: Whether or not you believe with him that the US bases in Okinawa are not necessary or not, you have to agree that he was 100% right about what he said just a day or two earlier in Tokyo about the Obama-Nation of Desolation as spoke of by the "profit" Daniel. The man is a snake!

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