Saturday, August 31, 2013

Russia Offers Fukushima Cleanup Help as Tepco Reaches Out - Bloomberg

Russia repeated an offer first made two years ago to help Japan clean up its accident-ravaged Fukushima nuclear station, welcoming Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501)’s decision to seek outside help.

As Tokyo Electric pumps thousands of metric tons of water through the wrecked Fukushima station to cool its melted cores, the tainted run-off was found to be leaking into groundwater and the ocean. The approach to cooling and decommissioning the station will need to change and include technologies developed outside of Japan if the cleanup is to succeed, said Vladimir Asmolov, first deputy director general of Rosenergoatom, the state-owned Russian nuclear utility.

“In our globalized nuclear industry we don’t have national accidents, they are all international,” Asmolov said. Since Japan’s new government took over in December, talks on cooperating between the two countries on the Fukushima cleanup have turned “positive” and Russia is ready to offer its assistance, he said by phone from Moscow last week.

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Comment: You know, right after the tsunami hit Japan's coast and killed all those people (and of course started the greatest nuclear disaster in the history of the world), a cry for help did go out and the U.N. responded by comparing them to Haiti saying that Japan was a rich country and didn't need any help!

My, how the story has changed....You still wanna trust those nimrods at the U.N. to solve the problem of World Peace???? I guess, according to them that when we're all dead, we'll finally have achieved it!

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