Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ryukyu Shimpo – JX Nippon to build mega solar plant in Uruma

JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation plans to build a 12 megawatts solar power plant in Uruma. Involving a total investment of about 3.5 billion yen, it aims to start operating the plant in March 2015. The company is making use of the land in Uruma owned by the Okinawa CTS Corporation, one of the group of companies. It will be the largest solar power plant in Okinawa.

JX Nippon’s solar power plant will comprise six facilities, including two plants already running. The plant in Okinawa will be the largest that the company owns.

According to a plan released on August 8, it will use about 180,000 square meters of vacant ground, which the Okinawa CTS has reserved for future oil storage. The company expects to generate the equivalent of the annual power needs of about 2,700 households (the average household uses about 5,500 kWh of electricity). JX Nippon will sell all of the power produced at the plant to the Okinawa Electric Power Co.

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Comment: Of course the project will be scheduled on Okinawa time which means the project will be needlessly delayed for numerous O-sake parties, Moai's and the occasional Miyako style Ootoori so that the local politicians can come for their photo ops. In the mean time, the expensive equipment will be left out in the elements where they were haphazardly stacked and repeatedly knocked over by unemployed locals looking to salvage beer cans after one of the many parties held to celebrate the new solar facility. By the time the project is ready to start, all of the materials that have already paid for will either be damaged, stripped for their precious metals content and/or stolen. That means new financing will have to be sought which will delay the project till sometime in the next decade. That's when the project team will feel compelled to hold another party to celebrate the end of the project....

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