Friday, August 30, 2013

SEZ | Saving Traditional Boat Building

Since the beginning, Japan has been a country that needed boats for survival, from transportation and business to simple entertainment. Japan is also a country where tradition is very important. Technology and computers are used to sail and build modern boats. However, there is a small but dedicated number of people building and sailing traditional wooden boats. Part of the tradition of Japanese boat building is to use secret designs and techniques that are rarely written down. Unfortunately, many of the boat makers are very old and they have no apprentice. Because of this, the traditional boats of Japan may disappear.

This is a problem Douglas Brooks wants to help with. He is a boat builder who began working on boats in the United States over 30 years ago. He was studying at the University of Oregon when he made a Japanese friend who introduced him to Japanese boat making.

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Comment: A great story and that picture I provided to this post has me thinking about that old Jimmy Buffett tune, "Changes in Lattitude, Changes in Attitude"! In addition to clickin on the post title for more of the story, you can click on picture here for a better look at it if you like.

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