Saturday, August 17, 2013

The shadow from Yasukuni | The Japan Times

Around this time of year, speculation in Asia always runs high as to whether Japan’s prime minister or other prominent politicians will visit Yasukuni Shrine.

The shrine, which honors more than a thousand indicted war criminals who took part in Japan’s disastrous war in Asia, remains a place of fascination for Japanese rightists, who persist in claiming that Japan’s war in Asia was a war of liberation against Western imperialism.

This claim sounds particularly hollow in China and South Korea, which suffered horrifically from Imperial Japan’s invasion and occupation of much of Asia.

Yet, there has always been a jarring element in official Chinese protests against the Yasukuni Shrine visits. Such visits are condemned as insensitive to the feelings of the Chinese people. But just as Japanese conservatives are rightly taken to task for refusing to acknowledge the horrors of their country’s colonialist past, so China would do well to expand discussion of its own wartime history at home.

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Comment: And the moral of the story is, Government's LIE!

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