Friday, September 27, 2013

200,000-year Environmental History Of Okinawa Trough Continental Shelf - Science News - redOrbit

A new research paper shows that a great number of nearby terrigenous pollen and charcoal have been found from the deep-sea sediments of the last 200 kyrs in Okinawa Trough. It is tesitfied that the continental shelf of the East China Sea was exposed and covered with the huge wetland and grassland ecosystems during the the last two glacial periods. They discovered that the variation of terrestrial sources is concordent with global glacial volume and sea-level changes at orbital-scale since 200 kyrs before present. Their work, entitled “A ~200 ka pollen record from Okinawa Trough: Paleoenvironment reconstruction of glacial-interglacial cycles“, was published in SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences.

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Comment: Now we know where all that oil and natural gas underneath the  Senkaku islands came from. It was all them pre-hysterical cave men throwing a brontosaurus burger on the old barbie and Al Gore-stone wasn't there to teach them how to lessen the impact of their carbon footprint! That might explain why the ice age ended too!!!

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