Tuesday, September 17, 2013

3 Dead Marines and a Secret of Wartime Okinawa - New York Times

Shortly before the end of World War II, just after the United States won the brutal battle for Okinawa, three American marines stationed in this sun-drenched archipelago disappeared.

At first, the Marine Corps listed the three, all 19 years old and black, as possible deserters in the summer of 1945. A year later, when there was still no trace of them, they were declared missing in action.

For five decades, the case was forgotten. Then in 1998, the local police, acting on a tip, discovered what proved to be the bones of the three marines in a cave just north of this resort town. After long examinations, the remains were sent to relatives in the United States for burial early this year.

But the discovery did little to solve the mystery of the marines' disappearance and, far from putting the case to rest, dredged up powerful local resentment about how Americans treated Okinawans after the fighting stopped.

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Comment: Yeah, I know, our first "black" president, a.k.a., "Slick Willie" wasn't around back then but, if the history books are correct, we do know that even though he was afflicted with Polio, that old scalawag FDR had at least one muscle that still worked. My guess is that these three guys were probably just doing what all good Marines do, following the example set by their leaders...

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