Saturday, September 28, 2013

Air Transportation: The Tilt Rotor Defense Against Chinese Invasion

Anxious to defend the Senkaku Islands from possible surprise Chinese attack, Japan is planning to buy 20 American MV-22 “Osprey” tilt rotor transports. These would be able to quickly move reinforcements to the Senkakus if the Chinese decided to land troops there and declare such an occupation as proof of Chinese ownership.

 The U.S. recently moved 23 of its MV-22s to an American base on Okinawa. Both the U.S. and Japan are aware of the fact that the new Chinese Zubr air cushion craft could get troops to the Senkakus in 5 hours. From Okinawa MV-22s could reach the Senkakus within an hour.

China has a history of installing small numbers of troops on islets or reefs (via structures built on stilts) whose ownership China disputes. China then supplies these troops at great expense via boat from the mainland and threatens to strike back if its “garrisons” are attacked. Thus the Japanese watch the Senkakus carefully, in case China tries to send in “occupation forces.” The U.S. has made it clear that its MV-22s in Okinawa would be available to move Japanese troops to the Senkakus in the event of an emergency. 

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Comment: WWIII coming to a theater near you and sooner than you think!

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