Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Budget cuts haven't slowed Marine Corps' Pacific shift | Marine Corps Times | marinecorpstimes.com

Marines operating in the Pacific have been insulated from the deep budget cuts hitting the rest of the service as the Corps focuses its resources toward the East.

By October, three infantry battalions will be deployed at once to Okinawa, Japan, as part of the Unit Deployment Program, said Maj. Gen. Fredrick Padilla, director of operations at Marine Corps headquarters. The program shrank significantly during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the Marine Corps has been steadily increasing the number of units and squadrons moving into Japan on a rotational basis — an important piece of the shift to the region.

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Comment: Getting ready to repel the Chinese invasion of the Senkaku's - maybe? Pretty moot when one well placed nuke (ground  zero Kadena AFB) would finish it all in a few seconds don't you think?? 

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